Thursday, May 6, 2010

Organize Your Shoe Closet

Shoes - so many of us love them.

You may own 12, 54, 130 pairs or more.

But in order to get the most out of your shoe wardrobe, your closet needs to be organized!

The more pairs you own the more important it is to organize your shoes so that you can always find the perfect pair without spending a lot of time looking.


Don't forget to periodically get rid of shoes as they go out of style, wear out, cause too many blisters, etc. so there will be room for new ones in your fabulously organized shoe closet!

Learn how to organize your shoes with simple, affordable and functional storage solutions. Make your own shoemobile

I Love. Love the one with “How to Make a shoemobile”.
That’s exactly what I need for my new client. She has so many pair of shoes but not enough space in the closet for them. That’s a perfect solution and I am always up for creating something new.

Make a Shoemobile

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