Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School: Study Spaces

Window-Seat Workspace

Stocked with everything a student needs, this hideaway is an inviting place to do homework.
The lightweight wooden bench is wide enough that she and a pal can work on projects side by side and has cubbies for sports equipment and a backpack.

Space-Saver Desk
Using a twist on under-bed storage, the area below a store-bought loft bed becomes a welcoming small-scale study. An adjustable desk is made of painted plywood attached to a homemade wooden frame, which was screwed to the bed's base for stability.

Paint Can Cubbies

Purchase inexpensive, unused cans at paint stores. Lined up on a shelf and anchored in place with Velcro, they become organizing cubbyholes with a modern flair.

On-the-Go Desk

This little portable office starts with a store-bought wooden artist's supply box outfitted with a slightly larger board for a desktop, and painted white. Small and light enough for kids to carry, it can be taken along on vacation or toted outdoors on a warm afternoon.