Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolution - Get Organized!

Houston Professional Organizer can help with those New Year's Resolution - To Get Organized!

Holidays are over and New Year is coming up - Now is a great time to clear out the clutter. Roll up your sleeves and Get Organized!

Here me - organizing my own closet (posing for my blogger page/ business advertising purpose).

I took 3 bags of unwanted clothes to Buffalo Exchange near Montrose. Yeah! Got $200 store credit :-)

~~  This year's- New Year's Resolution - Get Organized!

houston professional organizer

houston professional organizer

From Rubbermaid " I am not sure which is more stuffed after this holiday...my stomach or my closet :) I see some  de-cluttering and donating in my future!!! "

When closet organizing - please spend a little time and get rid of all the wire hangers.
Here..I was organizing my client's closet in Houston and I have removed about 200+ wire hangers

Try to use the same kind of hanger for all your clothes  - it makes a huge difference :-)

Lately - very popular "slimline / huggable hangers" - non-slip velvety finish that prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger and protects delicate garments.

Organize your clothes in your closet by color and make your life easier, or I can do it for you..
houston professional organizer

Magdalena Bogdan, organizing a closet

houston professional organizer, closet organizer houston
closet before...
houston professional organizer, closet organizer houston

closet after..

houston professional organizer, closet organizer houston

We all have things laying around our house we could sell or want to get rid of.
Please read:

10 ways to sell your used/unwanted items

From a last year survey of New Year’s resolutions : 
Number-one resolution is to get organized.
Please read:

Study of New Year’s Resolutions: Get Organized in 2011

I would like to wish all of my clients and friends a Happy New Year!
This year has been an amazing year...

houston professional organizer, living room organizing

houston professional organizer, living room organizing

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Organizing Tips for Closets

Professional Organizer Houston Has Organizing Tips for Closets.

Rotate Clothes
The clothing items that take up the most room should be more readily available. Keep out-of-season clothes, shoes, and accessories in the back of the closet or in another closet; same for those "wish clothes" that don't fit but you can't bear to get rid of~~ Better Homes and Gardens

houston professional organizer

Stay Organized
Sort clothes by category or color to make it easy to find what you need. Insert garment organizers or use multicolored hangers to label your groupings. Also, professional organizers suggest turning all of the hangers in your closet the opposite way. Every time you wear an item, turn the hanger around. After a few months, you can clearly see what clothing items you could live without~~ Better Homes and Gardens

houston professional organizer

I want to share with you with some of my photos of closet organizing projects.

Storing your clothes well means they'll always look their best. And when your closets and drawers are well organized, you'll find you wear more of your clothes more often.

houston professional organizer Magdalena Bogdan

houston professional organizer

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Your Home Organized for Fall

As you say good-bye to summer, get your home in tip-top shape for fall with these handy organizational solutions.

Mudroom Organized

Problem: You waste precious time every morning running around the house looking for the items you need for the day.

Solution: Use a "transfer basket" to gather everything that needs to go out the door the next day -- library books, bills to mail, schoolwork, etc. Haul the basket to your car every morning and bring it back into the house when errands are done.

Closet Organized -Take Inventory

Problem: Your closet is overflowing, yet you still can't find anything to wear.

Solution: You should have only three types of clothes in your closet -- clothes that fit you, clothes you love, and clothes that always bring you compliments.

-- Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?

Pantry Organized-Open and Shut

Problem: You don't have any extra drawers to allocate for a "junk" drawer.
Solution: The backs of many doors can be hidden storage gems. Attach shallow wire shelving to closet, pantry, and basement doors. If there's space, line the adjoining interior wall with narrow shelves and hooks for items such as cleaning supplies, handy tools, or pantry goods.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Organized Home - The Container Store in Houston

Professional Organizer Houston shopping at The Container Store in Houston.

Today I was shopping for a new organizing project at The Container Store in Houston.

I got some great things on SALE.

Houston Professional Organizer  Magdalena Bogdan
Magdalena Bogdan - Professional Organizer in Houston shopping at The Container Store

I bought a scarf hanger to organize scarfs

Walnut 10-Scarf Hardwood Hanger

Houston Professional Organizer

I got some Feathergrain Bins - multi-functional Feathergrain Bins are beautiful solutions for storing mail, magazines, books or clothing.
Houston Professional Organizer
Sophisticated, stunning storage.  Linen Drop-Front Shoe Box pampers your shoes, protecting against dust, and keeping them easy to access.
Houston Professional Organizer

I love their Free Organized Closet Demonstrations in Houston, Galleria - expert demonstrations on maximizing space and organizing your closet!

Houston Professional Organizer Magdalena Bogdan

Houston Professional Organizer Magdalena Bogdan

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organize your Jewelry !

Professional Organizer Houston will organize your jewelry.

Are you tired of looking at your mixed-matched earrings?

Have you spent too many evenings untangling your necklaces?

It’s time to organize your jewelry!
Jewelry and other accessories remain untangled and tidy thanks to drawer organizers.

Find your own great way to store your earrings, bracelets, hair ties, hair clips etc.

Keep your dresser or night stand clutter free.

Be creative. Find what works for You.

Professional Organizer Houston will organize your jewelry.
jewelry organized

Show your jewelry off
Professional Organizer Houston will organize your jewelry.
Professional Organizer Houston will organize your jewelry.

Professional Organizer Houston will organize your jewelry.

How do you organize your jewelry?
I Would love to hear about!!

I attached a link with ideas for“jewelry organizing”:
Ways to organize your jewelry
Tired of tangles chains

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organizing on a budget in Houston

Professional Organizer Houston will help you get organized on a budget.

Organizing does not have to be expensive!

It may not seem instinctive, but organizing your stuff can save you money.

Simply, if you know where everything is, you don’t have to go out and buy duplicates.
Disorganization costs you more money in the long run. Do you realize how many things you have misplaced due to disorganization in a years time, just to find out later that you have to go out and purchase it again?

I love the Container Store, but if you would like to save some money – you can stop by Walmart - they have very affordable containers, cheap hangers, office supplies, etc.

Professional Organizer houston, -organizing on a budget.
Professional Organizer houston, -organizing on a budget.

Professional Organizer houston, -organizing on a budget.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Furniture Makeovers

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has seen better days?
I found this website and I love it!
It has great ideas for furniture makeovers:
Extreme Personal Measures

Give it a fresh look, give it a makeover.
All you got to do is repair, redesign and repaint.



I decided to show you my recent furniture makeover
My table Before

With just a few simple changes..
Table after...

Transform Your old furniture !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great organizing tips

Professional Organizer Houston has great organizing tips to help you get organized!

Place magazines into bins
If you like to keep your magazines for reference, there's no reason for them to cause you a storage headache. Tuck sturdy bins underneath a console table behind your living room or family room sofa. Most tables will accommodate two or even three large bins.

Sort your keys
Divide and conquer! Use a large divided basket or cutlery tray near the front door to gather keys, as well as cell phones, sunglasses, or work IDs.
Label each compartment by type of item or give each family member his or her own space to drop things.

Pack Up Your Batteries
Batteries die at the most inconvenient times.
Keep a stock of all sizes on hand and store them in an easy-to-organize plastic bin. Lidded boxes made specifically for this use are available but you can also adapt divided plastic boxes made for tool, craft, and sewing supplies. Use stick-on letters from the scrapbooking aisle of the craft store to label the battery size on each compartment of the box.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Clean Out Your Closet & Donate to Goodwill !

Got Messy Closet? Professional Organizer Houston can help sort, clean out and organize your closet.

"It's that time of year again.  It's getting cold.  You need more room in your closet for the holidays. Well, looks like this is a perfect time to clean out your closet and donate items to your local Goodwill.

Professional Organizer Houston will help you with sorting, donating, organizing


"Donating is a Good Thing: Spread the Word "

"Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why I've Donated This Year:

■ I moved to a new house and had no room for many clothing items and furniture.

■ I clean my closet and hall closets often to control clutter.

■ Sometimes I make impulse clothing purchases or find I do not wear an item as I thought I would.

■ I rotate new and old items in my closet. Older items that I no longer want will get donated.

■ I've been fortunate in life to get help when I needed it and like to contribute back when I can."

Read the article:
Clean Out Your Closet & Donate!

Get Organized, Stay Organized!

Clutter have you a little stressed?

Designate a slice of time (10 minutes, an hour, a Saturday) to clear out, clean up, and organize a specific space (a hall closet, junk drawers, kitchen cabinets, the family room) and you'll be on your way to a more organized home in no time at all.