Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Organizing Tips for Closets

Professional Organizer Houston Has Organizing Tips for Closets.

Rotate Clothes
The clothing items that take up the most room should be more readily available. Keep out-of-season clothes, shoes, and accessories in the back of the closet or in another closet; same for those "wish clothes" that don't fit but you can't bear to get rid of~~ Better Homes and Gardens

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Stay Organized
Sort clothes by category or color to make it easy to find what you need. Insert garment organizers or use multicolored hangers to label your groupings. Also, professional organizers suggest turning all of the hangers in your closet the opposite way. Every time you wear an item, turn the hanger around. After a few months, you can clearly see what clothing items you could live without~~ Better Homes and Gardens

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I want to share with you with some of my photos of closet organizing projects.

Storing your clothes well means they'll always look their best. And when your closets and drawers are well organized, you'll find you wear more of your clothes more often.

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houston professional organizer