Friday, October 25, 2013

Get Rid of Storage Unit, save money

Professional Organizer Houston will help you get rid of storage unit and save you money.

"Whoever started the storage business is a genius.”

Why people pay to keep their things in storage?
Common reasons/answers: they moved to a smaller house, inherited stuff from a parent, or just accumulated too much to keep at home.

The sad part is when renters lose their belongings when they cannot pay their bills. Or when they die.

Then the storage units are put up for auction.
“At auctions of storage units, the contents are a mystery. Amid the junk buyers may find Rolexes and diamonds, or just someone else's sad story.”

Can you imagine all of your belongings being auctioned off to the highest bidder because you can't afford to pay the storage unit fees?

According to the Self Storage Association, 50% of storage unit renters are storing what won't fit into their homes. 1 out of every 11 Americans rents storage.

“The self-storage business is booming thanks to a nation of pack rats who cling to such things as 8-track tapes and pants with waist sizes long surpassed.”

If you have had a storage unit for longer than six months, it’s time for you to have a garage/craigslist sale. You will not only be saving yourself $50-$80 a month in storage fees, but you’ll also make some many selling all of your old unwanted stuff.

Make a committment to yourself and your wallet, to get rid of your unwanted stuff within two months.

At an auction for the contents of a self-storage

Storage Wars Texas

I can arrange for local charities to pick up unwanted items and get you a receipt for tax purposes.
I can drive to Goodwill to donate unwanted itmes, or hold a garage sale for you, for anything you don’t or can’t wear or use any more.

Remember: Use the two-year rule — if you haven’t worn it in two years, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

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