Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ways to Organize Your Scarves Houston

Are you a great lover of scarves? Houston Professional Organizer has great storage solutions for your scarves.

Does you scarf collection just keep getting bigger and bigger?

These days, everyone is getting in on the scarf trend. And not just during winter. People are wearing scarves year round now. They’re collecting a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles.

Those of you who like to wear scarves probably might need a good storage solution for them.

Great way to organize your scarves is to use:

1. Scarf Hanger

Hanging your scarves takes zero drawer space and it displays them nicely for easy access. 

18 Loop Scarf Hanger
18 Compartments in three different sizes

2. Scarf drawer

My favorite way :)
Wrapping your scarves around cardboard keeps them in great shape and makes them fit nicely into a basket or drawer.

If you have drawer space available, this is probably your best scarf storage option. Especially if your scarves are valuable or made of fine materials like silk, it’s best to keep them folded or rolled up in a drawer where they won’t become snagged, stretched, faded, or destroyed by pets. Rolling them is especially good because they won’t get creases.

3. PVC Pipe Scarf Organizer

PVC pipe is really inexpensive and is a great way to keep scarves and neckties organized. You will need to measure the height of each drawer and then just cut the pipe into the proper height. Depending on the depth of your drawer, you may be able to get several pipe organizers in there and then you just roll up your neckties and/or scarves and stick them in the pipes.

4. Towel Bar
You can install a basic towel bars on the inside of your French doors.

some other great ideas to store and organize your scarves...

Magdalena Bogdan, European Professional Organizer Houston
having a little bit of fun with my fabulous client who had 199 scarves: yes we counted them and yes we donated 1/3 to

Every season,  my client found herself adding new colors and patterns and fabrics, because she is a big believer that every outfit looks a whole lot cuter and more stylish with a scarf. That said, lots of scarves equals a big storage and organization issue.

I prefer to organize scarves first by color and then season. Scarves of similar hues are grouped together to make it easy to find the right scarf for whatever outfit you might be wearing. I also keep all-seasons scarves separate from those thicker, wool and knitted scarves generally reserved for winter.

If your scarf collection reaches the double digits, it is time to donate some out of style scarves to Goodwill .

I hope with some of those ideas your scarves will be organized and easy to find!

Ways to wear a scarf

The European Loop

The Pretzel

for more ideas click the link

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unpacking Service Houston

The movers arrived and have unloaded all your boxes of belongings. Now comes the task of unpacking all of those boxes and putting things away. 

Unpack your belongings like a professional mover. Start with essentials and focus on one room at a time. Realize you do not have to unpack everything at once.

To start out, consider your family's basic and most essential needs (food, rest and bathing) and begin to unpack accordingly. 

Wishing you did not have to unpack?

If you need some extra hands we can help:

  • Unpack and put away belongings in an organized manner
  • Organize the kitchen and pantry (put away dishes, glasses, pots and pans)
  • Put away clothes, shoes in closets
  • Hang your clothing
  • Sort and organize linens  and towels
  • Organize and put things away in the living room and dinning room
  • Set up bathrooms, put away toiletries
  • Unpack books onto bookshelves
  • Set up the bedrooms and make the beds 
  • Set up playrooms for kids
  • Shop for organizations products
  • Remove packing materials

Houston Professional Organizer will carefully unpack all of your boxes and place each item where they belong.

Moving is an exhausting task and no one really looks forward to unpacking the minute they step into the door of their new home.

 This service will save you time and headaches.

Our objective is to relieve you from stress and have you enjoying your home immediately!