Thursday, November 3, 2016

Houston Home Office Organizing

Got piles of papers? Contact Professional Organizer Houston to Organize Your Home Office.

Working from home requires self-discipline, it helps to have a dedicated space for a home office to allow for creative flow and isolation from daily distractions.

Organize your home office and improve your productivity - and profitability.

Being organized is being in control - to know the status of every aspect of your business at all times.

A messy, cluttered office can result in incomplete work, missed deadlines and lost information. Your desk is not a storage locker, it's a work surface. It is time to remove those piles of paper occupying your desktop.

The worst decision you can make is not making a decision about those piles, because no paperwork decision = greater paper buildup.  All documents need to have a home.
There really aren't very many choices for processing paper. Tossing them into the circular file is a very good option for some. Others to files for future reference, or your follow up system for papers you need at some later time, plus an ongoing project system.

Remember, the time spent searching through your office for a piece of paper, phone number or customer's address is unproductive time. 

Want to succeed in your small business? 

Get focused! Get organized!  Stay on task!

Organizing Home Office - My iMovie on YouTube

Items that you might buy at The Container Store to stay organized...

File Cart features a frame for holding hanging file folders
Professional Organizer Houston Organize Home Office

Acrylic Desktop Mail Center offers five compartments for sorting and organizing mail, stamps, pens and notepads.
Professional Organizer Houston Organize Home Office

Label Maker with Translucent Case
Professional Organizer Houston Organize Home Office


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